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You have the best servies in Tanzania. Congratulation

Kyle Rogers

Office Manager

Napenda sana intelligent securico, Your the best

Pamela Parker

Designer, CEO

Napenda sana huduma zenu, security officers wako smart.

Andy Weinstein

Business Coach

Our Security oficers are Equipped with the Latest Modern Technology and are Available 24/7 at Your Request

The modern security officer is a professional, able to conduct a huge range of duties. Our security officers are vetted to a 3-year work history check, and must complete basic train­ ing before being deployed. In addition to this, staff working in hospitals and schools must also pass an enhanced level criminal record check.

  • Master key systems
  • High security cylinders
  • Changing and rekeying locks
  • Keyless entry systems
  • Digital security cameras
  • Large database storage
  • Professional security guards
  • Flexible privacy policy
Endless Possibilities
Process Optimization
High Quality
Professional Installation
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